A Question of Worth with Rev. Bonnie Rose

Feelings of unworthiness often undermine our best attempts to live a good life.  Rev. Bonnie Rose offers a mystical approach to cultivating the self-worth that sets us free.  We’ll explore principles, paradoxes, and practices that call us home to our innate worthiness.  Come, play, and remember the holiness of who you are.

Becoming Sacred Listeners with Rev. Linda Finley

Thomas Merton called it “A Hidden Wholeness.” Maria Niemeth calls it “the Hero’s Heart.” We hold within us the Truth we are seeking. This process of learning to help people “hear themselves to wholeness” is designed to help Team Leaders, Board/Council Members, Practitioners, and Ministers learn to ask open, honest questions that guide the speaker to find their own Truth. Participants will learn the simple art of asking questions and will move into dyads/triads to practice how it works. The exercise is designed to build community and use our practices in new ways.

The Subliminal Link - Unlock the Power! with Rev. Marquita Pierre-McAllister  

Become conscious of your subliminal messages that impede or enhance deep connection with self and others. Learn research-based tools and techniques to experience a more conscious, enhanced way of living through clear intention and heart-centered communication.  Choose to re-write the subliminal scripts to flip disharmony and separation into joy, peace, connectivity, and well-being.

Passport to Living a (more) Creative life with Robyn Rice Olmstead, RScP & Rev. Gil William Olmstead

This workshop is for anyone that wants to reignite passion and purpose into their daily life. It is designed as a journey into your world. You will explore your own curiosity about the things you love the most in your life, the dreams you have or may have let go. Through various exercises and discussion, you will uncover what blocks stand in your way. Attendees will learn tools and techniques to integrate with principle and emerge in a new way. As your passport leads you to new experiences and learnings, it opens a whole new world of possibility!  It allows each traveler to embrace new insights, clarity, passion, and perspective. Your journey to discover and incorporate creativity in every moment, will lead you to walk in the world in a new way. By the end of the session, your passport will be stamped and you will leave with permission to SOAR!